From 12 to 17 October that was a course on KLT(Karhunen Loève Trasform), a scientific argument as useful soon as complicate to expose. Living out explanation of KLT, I want instead speck about person that I know and with I compared on scientific and imaginary argument: For scientist the E.T. is existing? If you saw the film  “Contact” where the E.T. contacted the human with radio-signals, certainly you know that this was usual fantastic film and that is all imaginary. After spoke with  Prof. Claudio Maccone (physicist) and Stelio Montebugnoli (radioastronomic observatory of  Medicina), I know with surprise that actually that  film is not all fantastic. If you remember the woman interpreted by Jodie Foster that spent days inside where are 350 aerial antennas of 6 metres of diameter, well not only this place is real (Allen Telescope Array), but also the woman is real, her name is Jill Tarter (next picture),

 she has 62 years hold and spending her life for the search of extraterrestrial signals. She, with others scientist founded the S.E.T.I.@HOME (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at Home),where analysing signal getting from universe for search of artificial signal coming from the other world. For the great consistence of acquired date the SETI@HOME, invite other person to analyse free a part of this signals and in this way, the SETI exploiting the distribute net of computer in the world. Till now anything picked up an artificial signal, only one time where picked up the  WAU signal but after control this was terrestrial interference. But like the film, you imagine that we receive an extraterrestrial signal, what do you do? Have you fear? Do you prepare weapons? Certainly the news did the round of world with few seconds, but are we ready to know other living being? The hardworking don’t know to give answer  to all of this question because we are too accustomed to stay only in the universe that we don’t imagine this “Martian” among us. I don ’t know if we are very accustomed or egoist, because if we aren’t the only in the universe we lose the “exclusive” in the universe. In the scientific world when  

 you speak about SETI many scientist look you with half-open eyes and think that you are raving on about like to say:“ We know that we are the only in the universe, why do we search the other?”. I think that the reasons of this scepticism is the fear of unknown and an influenced culture by religion (any there are), that put blinkers to the person that be able to do a progress for our comfort and don ’t give on the his ideas, for this reasons since some years the SETI is founded by private because is thought very useless by USA therefore is not finance. In Italy,  that is only site where are a parabolic aerial of 32 metres of diameter and a group of radiotelescope called “The north cross” where to be able to do SETI, but we remember that in Italy that is the Vatican and don’t have the money to finance the SETI, therefore the north cross is used very low for the search of extraterrestrial in short if E.T. is existing really must be his interest put him in contact with us because we don’t search him.

Chieffalo Vincenzo







It had hardly closet to Caltanissetta nearby l’I.T.I. Mottura the  2° Festival of Science and Technique, annual appointment where anyone can approach to wonderful world of science and, in particular in this year, of radioastronomy. This year the festival is equipped by III Congress of amateur  radioastronomy where the Prof. Claudio Maccone (in the picture), international physicist,


Salvatore Pluchino and Mario Sandri, founders of I.A.R.A. group that develop and spread the amateur radioastronomy. The ITI Mottura want to give this congress because it is the first institute in Italy that have a aerial and a system for the capture of signals in the range of VLF(very low frequency), this signals come from radiosources as the sun and the moon. Award of the merit give to Prof. M. Fiorino(in the left of the picture)


and to the other teacher, but also to headmaster Vizzini that  found spaces and economy resource for the best success of the festival and for the payment of the radioamateur instrument.

Vincenzo Chieffalo



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